Mixed Box Flavours


Chocolate Orange Brownie

A blend of dark chocolate paired with the vibrant tang of orange. This fudgy brownie is generously swirled with a luscious chocolate orange spread, complemented by the light, bubbly crunch of Orange Aero pieces. Each brownie is topped with a classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment, creating a chocolate-orange experience that’s both rich and refreshingly zesty.

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Mars Brownie

A time-honoured gem that has won hearts since day one. Luxurious dark chocolate meets the creamy caramel and chewy nougat of Mars Bar pieces, delivering a gooey brownie foundation like no other. The piece de resistance? An extra Mars Bar chunk on top which elevates this classic to unrivalled levels of indulgence.

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Snickers Brownie

A gooey and rich dark chocolate brownie, meets the crunch of embedded Snickers peanuts and sticky caramel. Topped off with a feathered caramel drizzle and a further Snickers chunk; this brownie is an irresistible treat for peanut lovers.

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Biscoff Brownie

A smooth dark chocolate brownie feathered with the unique spiced caramel notes of creamy biscoff spread and generous chunks of crunchy biscoff biscuit. To complete, fine crumbles of biscoff are sprinkled on top for an extra layer of flavour and crunch. 

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Cookies & Cream Blondie

Creamy white chocolate meets the crunch of classic Oreo biscuit. Feathered with a rich cookies and cream spread and topped with crumbled Oreo pieces, this golden white chocolate blondie offers a luxurious, indulgent escape in every single bite. 

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Jammie Dodger Blondie

The perfect blend of velvety white chocolate blondie infused with tangy raspberry jam swirls. Topped off with an iconic Jammie Dodger biscuit, this blondie guarantees creamy sweetness and fruity zest in every bite. Pure bliss.

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Kinder & Nutella Blondie

A true customer favourite! A creamy white chocolate blondie base artfully feathered with rich hazelnut Nutella spread and studded with pieces of Kinder bar. Topped with more Kinder bar chunks, this blondie is a dreamy blend of smooth kinder chocolate and nutty flavours in every bite.

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Jazzle & Aero Blondie

A harmony of smooth white chocolate blondie, enriched with silky milk chocolate spread and bubbly pieces of Milk Chocolate Aero. Crowned with a classic white chocolate Jazzle, bursting with colourful sugar sprinkles; this blondie is a playful yet indulgent treat for all chocolate lovers.

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